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PT.JAVA MARINA INDONESIA   .is Crew Manning Agency, which selects, recruits and delivers seafarers to its clients (ship owners and ship managing/ crew managing companies and crew manning agency companies ).

We are a Crew Agency  company in INDONESIA, duly Established in Juny 2006 and licensed by Department of Commerce and has been Getting   certificate  CBA of the Department of Marine Transportation and have been successfully engaged in crewing business on the international market since 2010.



Our company has Quality Management System developed and implemented, which was certified by the   leading classification & inspection authority, (SISTEM  MANAJEMENT MUTU )

Kapal Eisei Maru

Kapal Eisei Maru

We want to have a strong business relationship with the shipping company and the crew manning agency company, we are committed to provide maximum service


General recruitment rules and regulations adopted by the “PT.JAVA MARINA INDONESIA”

General requirements for seafarers:

* Qualified in accordance with the requirements of STCW 1978/1995

* Can speak English

* Healthy medically

* It should be trained and experienced to work in the field

Documents required:

* Reference (or other document from a previous employer, to prove your recent experience)

* Seaman’s Book

* Passport

* Bst

* Ktp

* Letter of Good behavior of the police (SKCK)

* Medical cekh up

* Health certificate from doctor


PT.JAVA MARINA INDONESIA.crewing service offering based on the principles of the STCW, to suit the requirements of the International flagged vessels and Customer Needs for the type of vessel.

PT.JAVA MARINA INDONESIA committed to comply with the Quality Management System according to the requirements of ISO 9001 (2008) and the ILO MLC.

IFMA assosiasion

There is no fee, directly or indirectly borne by Sailors for their Recruitment / Employment in PT.JAVA MARINA INDONESIA

PT.JAVA MARINA INDONESIA not prevent or deter seafarers from gaining Work in the Company.

PT.JAVA MARINA INDONESIA recruitment is done without discrimination or prejudice because of race, color, sex, religion or social origin.

PT.JAVA MARINA INDONESIA protect the privacy rights of seafarers and sailors, their personal data is kept in the office kept secret so much that needed to work and respond to officials.

PT.JAVA MARINA INDONESIA perform services in order to achieve quality objectives set and reviewed on an annual basis.

Xin Shi Ji 31 1400 × 400

Xin Shi Ji 31

Customer satisfaction, continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and good name GOOD Co. Ltd. is the philosophy of each employee.


PT.JAVA MARINA INDONESIA ensure involvement in service quality, discipline, medically fit seafarers are able to prevent dangerous events cause an accident, incident or type of property loss of customers or the environment.

GOOD Co. Ltd. participated in a safe and legal activities alone.


PT.JAVA MARINA INDONESIA ban all drinking crew, have, carry alcohol and drug treatment on board any vessel and in PT.JAVA MARINA INDONESIA place or when doing business with companies PT.JAVA MARINA INDONESIA.




  1. To be the leading international ship manning and reliable in quality of service and professionalism.


  1. Build one of the largest ship crew manning company in Indonesia.
  1. Provide a means for Indonesian Workers who want to work in the Company Ship with various types of ships and fishing vessels in particular.
  1. Trying to improve the quality of Indonesian sailors in order to become a sailor propesional in its field.
  1. Trying to improve and prioritize protection Indonesian Seafarers.
  1. Maintain the dignity and reputation of Indonesian ship manning company

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